Casey + Blue

Good Ol' Tennessee...

This collection of images is a beautiful representation of why I love Tennessee. I know that I can leave my home in the city and drive 20 minutes away to gorgeous rolling hills and find cowboys riding horses. 

When photographing horses with their trainers you can easily capture the bond they have for one another. Not just horse to human, but the bond the human has with his four legged friend. There is clearly an unspoken language being said between the two. And, as I shoot quietly behind my camera, I begin to understand more about what they're saying. 

This horse in particular was always testing the boundaries Casey gave him. He was young, spry, good looking, and he knew it too. He would be snuggling and silly, as if he knew he was being photographed. Then when Casey made him straighten up, he would proudly gallop- after a quick defiant jolt towards his rider. He truly reminded me of a flirty teenager.